OTC Medicine For Patients Sensitive To Gluten, Sugar, Alcohol, Acetaminophen & Dyes

DALLAS— DayClear Allergy and DayClear Sinus Relief offer completely clear formulas for allergy and sinus sufferers. This new-to-the-market product line addresses a sometimes forgotten class of patients—those battling Celiac Disease, diabetes, alcohol intolerance, acetaminophen intolerance and dye sensitivities.

GM Pharmaceuticals, the maker of this Clear Generation™ of over-the-counter medicines, already stands as a noted manufacturer of prescription medications. GM Pharmaceuticals believes the DayClear line fills a gap for millions of Americans affected by diseases and intolerances requiring special diets and pharmaceutical considerations. The owners of GM Pharmaceuticals answered this need because the matter hit close to home.

“When my son was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we struggled to find OTC medicines that he could take, even for something like allergies,” explains Odes Mitchell, the owner of GM Pharmaceuticals and creator of the DayClear brand. “We created DayClear because we wanted my son, and anyone else with a sensitivity, to have an option.”

DayClear could be a solution for anyone who has struggled with sensitivity to the active and inactive ingredients of name brand OTC allergy and sinus medicine. This new-to-the-market line may become the trusted source of relief for millions of Americans.

The Free & Clear Generation

One in every 133 Americans is diagnosed with Celiac Disease, demanding a gluten-free regimen. All DayClear products are gluten free, allowing people with Celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies to avoid terrible side effects and symptoms.

Approximately 29.1 million Americans must stringently monitor sugar intake due to diabetes, considering all ingredient labels, even for medicine. By choosing sugar-free products, like DayClear, consumers can lower their risk of illness and disease, control cravings, improve energy, and avoid pesky allergens.

DayClear products are free of alcohol, eliminating the side effects of alcohol intolerance that could include nausea, headaches, flushing, increased heart rate and fainting. Research indicates that cystic fibrosis and fibromyalgia patients may experience intolerance to alcohol and sensitivities to sugar, food colors, and artificial flavors.

Each year, 80,000 people head to the emergency room due to accidental acetaminophen overdoses. Acetaminophen overdoses may present symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, sweating, vomiting, appetite loss, and convulsions. All DayClear products use choline salicylate as a pain reliever and are completely acetaminophen free.

Food coloring and artificial dye sensitivity can lead to hyperactivity, lack of attention, sleep problems, stomach, and respiratory issues in some adults. Most prescription and over-the-counter products contain artificial dyes to make them more attractive in the store aisle. All DayClear products are free of artificial dyes and food coloring.

DayClear is currently being launched in the northeast states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia and Delaware. The product is also available nationwide via Amazon.

For more information, visit https://dayclear.com/products.

About GM Pharmaceuticals
Founded in 1991, GM Pharmaceuticals (the parent company of the DayClear brand) develops and markets prescription and over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements. The privately held company, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, is committed to providing accessible, effective medications for patients. The brand has a niche in providing medications that may prove ideal for consumers battling certain disease states and sensitivities.

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