If a cold has you feeling less than 100%, it’s time to take action! Here are eight common remedies that can help you get better fast!

1.     Hydrate yourself. We’ve all heard this one plenty of times–but it important enough to bear repeating. It is also worth elaborating on a bit. First of all, the oft-repeated claim that drinking lots of water can help you “flush out” germs is not accurate. Your body must fight the cold, plain and simple. However, drinking water is important for a few other reasons. First of all, the sweating, vomiting, and lack of appetite can lead people to become dehydrated very easily when sick–and dehydration weakens the body and makes fighting a cold more difficult. Moreover, staying hydrated can help loosen congestion–which can make a cold much more bearable.

2.     Blow your nose frequently. Speaking of congestion, it is important to blow your nose frequently in order to prevent the drainage of mucus–which, with time, can cause a sore throat and/or an upset stomach. Avoid blowing your nose too forcefully, however: this can cause an earache. The ideal method of blowing your nose when you are heavily congested is gently, and with just one nostril at a time.

3.     Rest. It might not be much fun, but getting rest and avoiding over-exertion is important in order to facilitate a speedy recovery. Netflix, books, magazines, and good company can all help with this! This tip does come with a caveat, however: it is actually better to get a little bit of physical activity rather than none at all.

4.     Drink hot liquids. Drinking hot liquids does a lot of work to hydrate and to clear congestion–and it can be emotionally comforting as well. Tea is generally preferable to coffee, however, as the high caffeine count of coffee can make it difficult to get the sleep that could otherwise be helping you get better.

5.     Steamy showers help too. Again, this is all a question of fighting that congestion, and of convincing your body and your mind to relax. Another way of using steam to fight congestion is with a neti pot.

6.     Gargle water. Gargling water–especially with salt or honey added–can help sooth a sore throat and fight congestion by providing temporary moisture.

7.     Use extra pillow. This can help make breathing easier when you are congested, and, in turn, help you sleep better. Remember that getting good sleep is the most important thing you can do, however: if you don’t feel comfortable with a second pillow, don’t use it!

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