There are hundreds of options for over-the-counter medicines for allergies, cold and flu, and sinus issues, but we here at DayClear® believe that we offer the best product on the market. To prove it to you, here are all the things you need to know about DayClear®.

Sugar Free

Many medicines have extra sugar in them to attempt to make them more palatable. Not only does it not normally work, it just adds unnecessary sugar to your diet. All of DayClear’s® products are free from added sugars, so you can treat your symptoms, not your sweet tooth.

No Artificial Flavors

In addition to no extra sugar, DayClear® medicines have no artificial flavors. They aren’t full of fake additives to make it more appealing. The medicine speaks for itself.

No Dyes

Why does medicine have to be red, green, purple or pink? It’s usually to match whatever fake, sugary flavor the product is. Since DayClear® products don’t have sugars or flavors, there’s no need for dyes, either. It’s great for anyone allergic to dyes, or anyone who just doesn’t want them in their system.

Alcohol Free

You’re taking medicine, not shots. Alcohol isn’t necessary to cure allergies or a cold, so there’s no reason to put it in medicine. All of our products are free of alcohol, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body.

Gluten Free

More and more people have been taking gluten out of their diets, but it can still sneak up on them in unexpected places. Sauces, soups and even medicines are thickened with flour or other gluten products. DayClear® products don’t contain gluten, so they’re safe for anyone with dietary restrictions and won’t aggravate people with celiac’s disease or gluten sensitivity.

Buy in Stores

DayClear® medicines are available in popular drug and grocery stores around the country, including Giant, ShopRite, Stop & Shop and Drug Mart. People around the US can buy DayClear® with ease.

Available Online

If you don’t happen to live near one of the many retailers that sells DayClear® products, you can always order them online through Amazon. Products are typically eligible to Amazon Prime’s free two day shipping, so you’ll have your medicine in no time.

Fast Acting

DayClear® medicines are made to give you relief from your symptoms fast. They come in liquid form, so there’s no more waiting around for a pill to kick in. When you use DayClear® products, you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

Use Day or Night

While the name DayClear® might suggest that products are primarily for use during the day, there are products for any symptom at any time. NiteClear® Cold & Flu Relief can help you fall asleep fast when you have a cough, nasal congestion or a runny nose that makes it difficult to sleep. Other medicines come in non-drowsy formulas so you can feel healthy all day long.

Treat Multiple Symptoms and Causes

DayClear® makes a wide range of products to fit a number of different needs. Nighttime or daytime cold and flu, allergy issues and sinus pain & pressure can all be treated with one of DayClear®’s fast-acting and long-lasting medicines.

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