“Liquid vs. Pills for Allergy Relief” is locked	 Liquid vs. Pills for Allergy Relief

There are a number of medicines designed to treat allergies, but they generally come in two main forms: liquid and pill. In order to treat allergy symptoms properly, it’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both forms. Below are some considerations when choosing between liquid and pill allergy relief.

Why Choose Liquid Over Pills?

Both forms are effective for treating allergy symptoms, but liquid formulas tend to have faster absorption rates. The faster the body can absorb the medicine, the faster you may experience relief. Liquid medicine doesn’t have to be broken down like pills or tablets that can take more than 30 minutes to offer relief. Liquid medicines also have a huge advantage when it comes to swallowing. Harris Interactive reported that 40 percent of American adults have difficulty swallowing pills. Liquids, on the other hand, are easy and comfortable to swallow.

Do Pills Offer Any Benefits?

Tablets or capsules are also effective for relieving allergy symptoms, if liquid medicine is not available. Pills are more portable and are lighter to transport compared with liquid medicines. Pills can also have a longer shelf-life than some liquid medicines. However, the body must first break down the outer coating of a pill before it can reap the benefits of the medicine. In general, it typically takes about 30 minutes or longer for the medicine in pills to reach the bloodstream.

Why Choose DayClear® Allergy Relief?

DayClear® Allergy Relief is a liquid-fast, over-the-counter medicine that delivers quick relief for mild to severe allergy symptoms for up to 8 hours without any gluten, sugar, dyes, alcohol, or decongestants. When you have allergies, nothing sounds better than immediate relief.

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