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Pollen is the culprit for many allergy sufferers, making the spring season a nightmare. But symptoms can be managed, especially if you control your indoor air quality. During peak pollen times, it’s best to stay indoors as much as possible, but most homes are saturated with pollen during the spring and summer months. The following tips are ideal for keeping pollen levels in your home to a minimum.

1. Keep Windows Closed During Peak Pollen Hours

Morning to early afternoon are the times when pollen counts are at their highest. Windy days are also a time to keep your doors and windows shut. If you live in an older home, be sure to check that windows and doors seal properly!

2. Change Clothes Immediately

If you have bad allergies, take serious precautions. Clothing and hair are filled with pollen by the time you come back to the house. Take off your shoes before you enter your home or you’ll track pollen inside.

3. Keep Car Parked In The Garage If Possible

Pollen collects on your car and inevitably gets inside. You may not be able to see the pollen but it’s there. It sticks to your hands, hair, clothes and infiltrates the interior of your car. Parking in the garage helps minimize this.

4. Use A HEPA Filter

HEPA filter in your home will help filter out the tiny particles of pollen, dust and other pollutants far better than a standard air filter. It is a necessity for anyone who suffers allergies.

5. Vacuum And Dust Frequently

Of course you can’t hibernate in your home all spring, you’re going to want to go outside and enjoy the warm weather and spring flowers! Your best bet is to take a good allergy relief medicine like DayClear to keep your symptoms under control.

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