household allergies

When you have an allergic reaction, your body confuses something harmless as a threat to your health. Your immune system gets to work producing antibodies to protect you from this apparent danger in the same way it fights infection or disease. That’s why allergy symptoms include itching, swelling, wheezing and a runny nose. Luckily all these symptoms are treatable by clean, over-the-counter products, such as those produced by The DayClear® line.

1. Can You Be Allergic to Your Cell Phone?

Some people are sensitive to certain metal and have a hard time using cell phones, PDAs, and tablets that contain nickel and cobalt. If you develop this allergy, you might get a rash on your ears, face and hands, or your eyes can become irritated when you touch them after touching your phone. A protective plastic case usually solves the issue for this unusual allergic reaction.

2. Does Your Teddy Bear Make You Sneeze?

If you love your teddy bear, you’ll be sad to hear that he can be triggering your allergies. Plush toys are typically teeming with dust mites, which trigger wheezing, runny nose, coughing and even asthma symptoms. To avoid this heartbreaking hazard, purchase washable toys and launder them frequently.

3. Are You Allergic to Your Purse?

Like other allergies, sensitivity to leather can develop over time. Unfortunately, this is one of the more difficult ones to avoid. Most people have an allergic reaction to the additives used in tanning. However, not all leathers use them, so you can find brands that don’t leave you itchy and irritated. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with switching to fabric-based purses and belts.

Getting Help

The DayClear® line makes new over-the-counter products that provide a clean, clear choice for allergy sufferers previously reliant on traditional over-the-counter remedies.