5 Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

1. Know Your Allergen Identifying the allergen causing your symptoms signifies the first step toward eliminating overexposure. Airborne allergens can be especially difficult to pinpoint, as the tiny particles floating through the air can go almost unseen and undetected. Different types of airborne allergens include: Pet Dander Dust Mites

Myths & Mysteries of Spring Allergies

With the change of each season, many seasonal allergy sufferers find themselves wondering whether it will be a miserable or moderate season. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how severe allergens will be across the country each season. How an individual reacts to specific allergens, as well as weather, pollution,

The Dangers of Combination Allergy-Sinus Medicines

Picking up a combination allergy/sinus formula may seem like the speediest road to recovery, but experts warn against their potential danger. Many consumers assume the combination of antihistamine and decongestant will be more efficient in relieving allergy symptoms, but health organizations suggest that these products may actually do more harm