Solve the Sinus or Allergy Medicine Mystery

A Few Telling Clues for Each Condition Thirty-seven million people suffer the inflammation or swelling of sinuses caused by sinusitis and another seven million are afflicted by chronic sinusitis.  But with an additional 40 million plagued by the frequent pain and discomfort of seasonal allergies, it can be difficult to decipher

Nighttime Cold Medicines Work Overtime

Every person’s body needs time to rest and recover when battling a severe cold, sinus infection or allergy attack. By allowing the body a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep, the body can focus on fighting intruder viruses and infections. To augment the body’s natural recovery process, nighttime cough, cold

The Search for a Gluten-Free Label

It was the college dream—pizza, Buffalo wings, and sandwiches washed down with a cold brew or soda; but it was followed by debilitating pain, fatigue, abdominal pain, and uncomfortable bowel movements. After multiple trips to physicians around the country, I remained undiagnosed and frustrated with the system. How could no