Allergies and Asthma

All too frequently, allergies and asthma occur together: compounding the symptoms and making life difficult for the millions of adults and children who suffer from the allergic asthma. This article will answer a few of the most basic questions that new patients and their families have, while also pointing

Cold Weather Could Still Mean Allergies for Some

Some may think that the misery of allergies is still just a distant worry since the blissful warmer months of spring and summer are still several weeks away. However, if you’ve been suffering from persistent sneezes, sniffles and discomfort all throughout the winter months, it may be more than just

Allergies 101: Understanding the Root of the Problem

Allergens are usually to blame for the sneezing, sniffling and overall misery of allergy season, but technically they’re not the culprits. The real answer is your immune system’s reaction to allergens in the air. Allergens enter the body through a variety of ways, but the ones causing those pesky seasonal