How Do I Choose the Right Medicine for Me?

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are not designed to cure an illness. Instead, they have been precisely formulated to attack symptoms and potentially shorten the period of time a patient feels sick. However, not all medicines have the same ingredients, which means the ways those medicines treat the body, and which symptoms

Keeping Children Healthy During the Fall

Fall means changing leaves, cooling temperatures and back to school. It’s also prime time for kids to start getting sick. They’re back in classrooms with twenty-five other kids, playing on playgrounds out the cold, and rolling around in piles of leaves. Here are some tips for keeping kids healthy during

Cold or Allergies?

Many people get allergies in the spring or summertime, when plants are blooming and pollen is floating through the air. But many people are susceptible to fall and winter allergies, as well. However, they might not even realize that what they have are allergies, During the colder months, it’s easy